About Us

Mother and SonHealthActCHQ's (HACHQ) portfolio of surveys represents continuously evolving work that spans more than two decades of scientific investigation. Our surveys are used throughout the world in clinical trials, patient registries, and academic, private, and government funded research programs.

Ongoing management, support, and scientific development for all HACHQ surveys, short-forms, and translations are funded exclusively by licensing fees. HealthActCHQ receives no grant or public funding for any of its developmental scientific work.

HealthActCHQ has conducted the translation of almost 400 versions of the Company's PRO Surveys in 100 languages. We are the developers and exclusive licensor for the Child Health Questionnaire (CHQ) and the Infant Toddler Quality of Life (ITQOL) families of surveys — international legacy instruments setting the standard for pediatric health-related quality of life measurement.

The AIM-A, an industry-leading adult ADHD functional outcomes survey used internationally and now available in 13 languages, as well as the AIM-C, the only published pediatric survey to assess the impact of ADHD on children and their families are also the exclusive PRO Surveys of HealthActCHQ.

Other PRO instruments to assess health-related quality of life including the PEMQOL (pediatric enuresis) and tools to assess parent readiness to transition medically fragile infants home from the NICU (FIPRE and NICU FITS) are also available for licensure.

All HACHQ surveys are rigorously developed to include direct input in the development of concepts and items from both children and adults (as warranted) — varying in diagnosis and its related subtypes, disease/condition severity, treatment status and time of onset/diagnosis — as well as feedback from clinical experts.

New condition-specific PRO measures can be commissioned for development in partnership with pharmaceutical partners and other interested organizations. The rigorous measurement development process is conducted according to the current FDA PRO Guidance and EMA Functional and Co-Primary Endpoint Guidance.

All users are asked to register and pay for each project-specific limited use license. You can register proposed research without any obligation to purchase a license. However, actual authorized use does require that the license fees be paid prior to use.

Online as well as eCRF administrations of the HealthActCHQ Surveys require written authorization to be granted during the licensure process.

The Surveys and Scoring may not be transferred between research projects or within organizations, universities, or companies. Surveys licensed for use in one study may not be used by the Licensee in any other study without registration and paid licensure that documents the new and authorized use of the Company's intellectual property.