Best Friends Every researcher interested in obtaining approval for limited use licensure of HACHQ's intellectual property - the surveys, translations, and scoring algorithms - is required to register, agree to licensure terms, and be approved for survey licensure. Complete researcher and project information is required during the registration to process a non-obligatory request for pricing and licensure terms.

Determination of the licensing fee is based on our review of all parameters of the information provided during the registration process - including:

  • Proposed use - type of research project
  • Funding source
  • Patient/Family sample size
  • Number of survey administrations per enrollee
  • Number of study sites
  • Start and end dates of the project
  • Surveys and survey languages to be licensed

HealthActCHQ has established a standard Survey License Agreement - which is used internationally for all Licensees. In order to fully protect its intellectual property, HealthActCHQ's internal policies do not permit modifications or alterations to the standard Survey License Agreement. The specific research terms for each project and License are included in the "Schedule of Terms" as an integral part of each License. All requests for project information to secure licensure are treated in complete confidence. U.S. and International copyright laws protect all HealthActCHQ intellectual property. This includes the Surveys, Short-Forms of the Surveys, eManuals, scoring algorithms, translations, normative data, and derivative works, etc.

All rights are reserved by HealthActCHQ Inc.

HealthActCHQ surveys may not be abridged, modified, amended, altered, adapted, normed, or translated without prior written approval from HealthActCHQ Inc. It is unlawful to distribute copies of the surveys - including translations, scoring documents, manuals, etc. to third parties by sale, rental, lease, lending, or any other means. Each licensee agrees to score the HACHQ surveys according to the specific rules as provided by HealthActCHQ with each paid license and as published in the User's Manual provided with each survey license. All surveys must display the specific copyright information provided with the surveys and each license.

  • Each distinct research project requires its own license granting limited use of the survey instruments. This includes academic, pharmaceutical, clinical, and government Licensees.
  • Separate licensure is required for each phase of a clinical trial, for extension studies, and for marketing purposes - including social networking sites and in product labeling claims.
  • All users are required to have a current license acquired from HealthActCHQ authorizing use of the survey in any application and setting.
  • eManuals, scoring rules, surveys, and licenses are never transferable.
  • Licenses are granted directly to the end-user Licensee and not to CRO's, ePRO's or others on behalf of a Licensee.

Survey Registration provides potential licensees with the terms and fees associated with licensure. You are not obligated to purchase by registering with HACHQ. Prices quoted during this online registration process will be valid for a period of twelve-months to enable grant submissions. Licensing requests beyond this time period or projects for which parameters have changed must be registered again and may be subject to price changes. Replacement eManuals will be provided to registered, current Licensees at a discounted percentage of their original licensing fee. Any negotiations for use, paid or unpaid licensing, and all business arrangements regarding the surveys are the exclusive rights of HealthActCHQ.

Licensing Agreement terms are available for review with a fully completed registration. For your convenience, the License Terms can be printed.

A Licensee is required to agree to, and be legally bound by, the terms of licensure prior to their final purchase of a limited-use license for HACHQ survey use.

Upon purchase, the Project License and project-specific Schedule of Terms can be downloaded and/or printed. Once payment is processed, a Master Copy of the Survey(s) will be provided along with the appropriate eManual for scoring, a copy of the complete License and a receipt of purchase.