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With the recent acquisition of HealthActCHQ by leading COA provider QualityMetric, our pediatric PRO measures have joined a larger collection of surveys for clinical care, research and product development. We invite you to visit QM’s website to learn more.

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PRO-SF1: Patient Respiratory Outcomes Short-Form™

PRO-SF1 Cover
PRO-SF1 Cover


Content from the HealthActCHQ Manuals (including norms, proprietary scoring algorithms, weights etc. and related syntax) or items from the surveys themselves may not be included in any appendices, reports, manuscripts or reproduced without expressed written permission from HealthActCHQ.

The Patient Respiratory Outcomes Short-Form™ (PRO-SF1) is comprised of five multi-item scales that capture key concepts for adult and child patients with asthma/allergic rhinitis. These include patient confidence, global impact of asthma/allergic rhinitis symptoms, specific impact of allergic rhinitis symptoms, impact of key asthma symptoms for adults, impact of key asthma symptoms for children. Also included are five questions about managing asthma/allergies and the status of clinical treatment, five economic impact questions, and eight general demographic questions including length of time with the doctor.

For information on licensing the PRO-SF1 please visit: QualityMetric PRO-SF1 webpage