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With the recent acquisition of HealthActCHQ by leading COA provider QualityMetric, our pediatric PRO measures have joined a larger collection of surveys for clinical care, research and product development. We invite you to visit QM’s website to learn more.

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CHQ: Child Health Questionnaire™ Translations

CHQ Cover
CHQ Cover

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Survey Information

Africaans (South Africa)XX
Albanian (Albania)XX
Arabic (Egypt)XXXX
Arabic (Israel)XX
Arabic (Saudi Arabia)XXXX
Arabic (Tunisia)XXXX
Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysia)XX
Bengali (India)XX
Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)XX
Bulgarian (Bulgaria)XX
Catalan (Spain)XXXX
Chinese Simplified (China)XX
Chinese Simplified (Singaporean)XX
Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong)XXXX
Chinese Traditional (Taiwan)XX
Croatian (Bosnia & Herzegovina)XX
Croatian (Croatia)XX
Czech (Czech Republic)XX
Danish (Denmark)XXXX
Dutch (Belgium)XXXX
Dutch (Netherlands)XXXX
English (Australia)XXXX
English (Canada)XXXX
English (India)XX
English (Israel)XX
English (Philippines)XX
English (South Africa)XX
English (UK-Eire)XXXX
English (US)XXXX
Finnish (Finland)XX
French (Belgium)XXXX
French (Canada)XXXX
French (France)XXXX
French (Switzerland)XX
French (Tunisia)XXXX
Georgian (Georgia)XX
German (Austria)XXXX
German (Belgium)XX
German (Germany)XXXX
German (Switzerland)XX
Greek (Greece)XXXX
Gujarati (India)XX
Hebrew (Israel)XXXX
Hindi (India)XXXX
Hungarian (Hungary)XX
isiXhosa (South Africa)XX
isiZulu (South Africa)XX
Italian (Italy)XXXX
Italian (Switzerland)XX
Japanese (Japan)XX
Kannada (India)XX
Korean (South Korea)XX
Latvian (Latvia)XX
Lithuanian (Lithuania)XX
Malayalam (India)XX
Marathi (India)XXXX
Norwegian (Norway)XXXX
Polish (Poland)XXXX
Portuguese (Brazil)XXXX
Portuguese (Portugal)XX
Punjabi (India)XX
Romanian (Romania)XX
Russian (Israel)XX
Russian (Russia)XX
Russian (Ukraine)XX
Serbian (Bosnia & Herzegovina)XX
Serbian (Serbia)XX
Sesotho (South Africa)XX
Slovakian (Slovakia)XXXX
Spanish (Argentina)XX
Spanish (Chile)XX
Spanish (Colombia)XX
Spanish (Costa Rica)XXXX
Spanish (Guatemala)XX
Spanish (Mexico)XXXX
Spanish (Panama)XX
Spanish (Paraguay)XX
Spanish (Peru)XX
Spanish (Puerto Rico)XXXX
Spanish (Spain)XXXX
Spanish (US)XXXX
Spanish (Venezuela)XX
Swedish (Finland)XX
Swedish (Sweden)XXXX
Tagalog (Philippines)XX
Tamil (India)XX
Telugu (India)XX
Turkish (Turkey)XXXX
Ukrainian (Ukraine)XX