Translations Overview

Brothers and Sisters HealthActCHQ's survey translation process is extremely rigorous and exceeds published international outcomes industry standards. By contracting with a single international translation organization for many years, the Company has maintained standardization in the translation process for all of HealthActCHQ's surveys.

New translations are exclusively undertaken by the scientific staff of HACHQ and require the financial support of the requesting organization.

The comprehensive translation process includes:

  • Two experienced, in-country experts who are native speakers for the target language and bilingual in English conduct each translation. These translators are male and female-balanced and child-balanced, as appropriate.
  • A harmonized and reconciled forward translation is created from these independent translations.
  • The back translation is evaluated using an experienced native English speaker who is bilingual in the target language.
  • The HealthActCHQ scientific staff reviews the "harmonized" version.
  • Experienced, primary in-country consultants conduct debriefing interviews with parents/children, and results are evaluated and discussed with HealthActCHQ principals.
  • Recommended changes in wording and context are made as necessary.
  • Finalization of the translation, proofreading, and preparation of the translation documents.
  • Whenever possible, HACHQ conducts a multi-trait item scaling analysis, post-translation to further assure appropriate translations have been made, often leading to a publication.